Using Our Service

Getting in touch

If you are interested in knowing more about our service, finding out whether it might meet your needs, or simply want to make an initial appointment, please get in touch.

Email us on [email protected]
Or call us on 01273 846835 and leave a message.
There will generally be someone to return your call on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. So do leave your name and your number and will call you back at one of those times.

There will generally be someone to answer our phone on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings but if no one is available please leave your name and number and we will call you back as soon as possible. It is usually easier to make appointments over the phone so please let us know the best times to call you.

We appreciate that leaving messages for you or speaking to those you live with may not be appropriate so please let us know if this is the case.

When we talk to you we will make sure that we are aware of and are able to meet any special requirements that you may have.

What happens next

You will be invited to come to an initial, extended appointment (90 minutes) which gives you and ourselves the opportunity to discuss what has drawn you to counselling and what we may be able to offer. We will aim to arrange for you to see your regular counsellor as soon as possible. Sessions can be scheduled during the day or evening, Monday to Friday but sometimes, usually to do with finding a time that suits both parties, there may be a delay. This delay should not be more than three or four weeks, but we will always keep you informed.

If we feel that the counselling we offer would not meet your needs we will suggest and discuss alternatives including other services that may be more suitable.


It is central to our purpose and our charitable status that we offer counselling that is affordable.

Affordability is, of course, a very personal matter and the fee or contribution you pay week by week will be discussed and agreed during the initial appointment.

Our minimum contribution is £10 per session for those on benefits rising to £40 for those on higher incomes.

There is a standard registration fee of £15 payable prior to the initial appointment and a further fee of £25 when you come (£15 for those on benefits).